A weekend at home in the snow – embracing “hygge”

The Danish concept of “hygge” roughly translates – according to the lovely article all about it I came across on an appropriately cosy and wintry Friday night in – as “cosiness” if anything, but really so much  more than that. Lacking an English equivalent, it describes this time of year and encompasses all the warmth and comfort of these January days when they’re spent indoors, maybe with some friends, family or pets, taking solace from the weather outside and enjoying the company, the food and the warming mugs of the indoors on a cold day.

Hygge seems to me to be something I could get on board with – looking to January not just as we so often do here to be a time for new year’s resolutions and healthy eating, but instead also for taking life at an easy pace and focusing on the comfort of the best things in life. This weekend, we did live in a very hygge-ish manner, just by the nature of it. We woke on Saturday morning to a snowy world, so after I’d been along to the farm to let Charmer out to play in it, his nose covered in a moustache of snow and ears pricked forwards, enjoying the new games; I came back home and had a cosy warming breakfast and mainly indoors day.

Winnie has been on medicine in the last couple of days as his old age is really catching up with him  now, and seemed to be very much enjoying 4-hourly spoonfuls of sugary medicine and lots of extra cuddles  out in a blanket, finding his weekend particularly full of comfort food and snuggling up!

The other boys and Rosie too have enjoyed us being around the house plenty this weekend, and it’s been lovely to boil the kettle more times than we can count, read books, watch the snow from the window and just settle in.

We did make a wrapped-up wander along to family on Saturday afternoon, and it was absolutely lovely to be in there too out of the blowing blizzards and waving trees with our much-loved family collie on the couch between us all, enjoying our time together so much.

It’s February tomorrow and though I am very much looking forward to lighter mornings and nights, being able to see the horse in daylight and all the other lovely things the beginnings of Spring bring; as long as winter lasts I’d happily enjoy a little more snow, steaming coffees and long days in with cuddly pets – here’s to Hygge. X

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