At the break of day 

Early February always seems to me to be a time of change and new light – a time to open our eyes and take in the different outlooks the world all of a sudden has to offer, after what invariably seems like a long January often most definingly of darkness and unimproving weather.

This February, still in its early days and finding its feet, arrived at the end of another cold snap as the most recent storm of the  winter relented and moved off, leaving behind a dazzling display of nacreous clouds, a unique phenomenon reaching us unexpectedly in a breath-taking and calming swirl of pastille colours as the good weather replaced the bad; the new sight of blue skies mingling with the reflected goodbyes of the storm.

In the first few days of this month, I have watched – side by side with the horse in the field or from the house as darkness wanes, doing the morning pet feeds and making coffee – as the sun has risen and light has crept into our dark days in so many beautiful ways, watching with the hope of a new season as the night gives way to the break of day.


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