Games for pet rats

Love to browse pet blogs and read all about new toys and ideas to entertain the little ones, so just thought I’d do a quick round up of some of the most loved games in our little household…

Pea-fishing! – Always a winner, with hours of splashing and fun! In these old photos Harvey & Ty  are enjoying this back  when they had Chae & Winston with them too, all with varying tactics! This gameis always so amusing to watch, Winston was very dedicated to this and  quite happy to get as wet as needed to secure the peas, while Chae would make a swift few grabs and retreat to a pile he was accumulating of his winnings at a dryer spot, with Harvey opting just to steal from Chae’s pile and avoid the water altogether, and Ty hanging from the edge enjoying the fun but undecided on the best way forward! A good game for the team together.

DIY toilet roll kong – lace some favourite treats into a toilet roll tube and let them have some fun rattling, rolling and unwrapping to roll out the treats. Harvey demonstrates the game in action below!

Hanging food from the cage – dotting favourite pieces of food along bridges and walkways or hanging from fruit sticks – stretching and grabbing for food and getting some ability in is always better than just arriving at it in the bowl to keep minds and bodies entertained, so like to find new and inventive ways of suspending it!

One really easy version of this I love to do is just cooking (unsalted) spaghetti and hanging it through the bars from the cage roof so it’s to be climbed and reached for.

Burrowing and building nests and tents – one thing all our little ones have loved to do when out free ranging is build dens and burrow into cosy blankets. Harvey and Ty are particularly fond of making a den on a bookshelf or behind the couch and dragging any envelopes or pieces of paper they find there to make it homely! But all our rats past and present have loved a cosy into a fleece or blanket for a bit of comfort and good fun snuggling, or bashing it into a suitable tent-like hiding place and enjoying the lookout.

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