Happy Easter from us all…

Been enjoying a lovely long Easter weekend here, with very much a mix of weather but plenty of sunshine mixed in between rain, hailstones and whipping wind and today particularly been enjoying a quiet Easter Sunday at the farm with the pony and back at home… The boys enjoying the lazy day… … And theirContinue reading “Happy Easter from us all…”

“Help – I’ve found a hedgehog” – reblogged from littlesilverhedgehog 

We are so blessed to have some hedgehogs in our garden and the surrounding area and love to sit out at night to see them emerge in the summertime – saw this wonderful post this morning on how best to help them if you come across them in daytime or if they are in anyContinue reading ““Help – I’ve found a hedgehog” – reblogged from littlesilverhedgehog “

Those March Days 

This weekend brought with it the official start of spring, and after a winter more full of mud and rain in our little neck of the woods than enchanting frozen lakes and snowdrifts, a change in the weather – usually one I meet with mixed feelings, loving so much the cosiness and wrapped-up loveliness ofContinue reading “Those March Days “

Settling into the weekend…

The weekend is here again at last and we are so glad to see it here in our little house – driving home last night, working week done and pony already tucked up in his stable, stopped off for Friday night junk food for all the family back home! After an easy night in, wokeContinue reading “Settling into the weekend…”

A quiet weekend at home with the pets 

Loved the chance to spend some quiet time this weekend at home having a relaxing couple of days, staying in and enjoying the down-time, with Harvey & Ty gambolling around the living room and Rosie pottering neatly around. The sun shone for parts of the weekend too – in amongst everything from frost to rainContinue reading “A quiet weekend at home with the pets “

“A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world…”: The joys of time spent at the farm

My little world had spun towards the weekend and straight into it at top speed, and I had been on the go non-stop when I drew into the yard, jumped out of the car, grabbing my coffee flask, and made my familiar way across the yard to the stable block where my beautiful boy –Continue reading ““A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world…”: The joys of time spent at the farm”