Harvey and Ty Adventures 

This week has been another hectic one all in all and we’ve been coming and going in the house all week, trying to fit everything in and make sure the boys – and Rosie! – get plenty of time out and about when we’re in.

Rose is always such a darling, very independent and self sufficient but always delighted for a wee while out of an evening; but the  rats in particular are becoming very affectionate at the moment. They’ve been with us just over a year now, are around 14 months old and are really starting to relax into their characters now, having reached maturity (posted below as an aside a quick chart on this just in case anyone’s as interested as I am! – I came across it on Pinterest and don’t know who created it so can’t credit but I found it really fascinating – boys around 30ish now so makes perfect sense they’re growing up a little!!)

They are still big fans of their little club of two and of building dens behind the settee and taking toys and treats there to stash and play with, darting in and out dodging us in a very kitten-like manner; but more and more they will appear while out free-ranging on the settee beside one of us and often sit on a knee a while enjoying a bit of attention and human affection.

Poor Ty has had an abscess in the last couple of weeks – he took it all in his stride not seeming at all phased and all is sorted now but he was so good and so trusting while getting little extra bits of care – the boys have been making my days with their little personalities and their changing ways as they settle into no longer being the babies and enjoying our company.

Just a few wee pics from this week.. ☺️

Clearly boring Harvey…

Sleepy boys ❤️🐭💤

But now and then keener to come out for a wee adventure.. 😍

… And back to bed!


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