A quiet weekend at home with the pets 

Loved the chance to spend some quiet time this weekend at home having a relaxing couple of days, staying in and enjoying the down-time, with Harvey & Ty gambolling around the living room and Rosie pottering neatly around.

The sun shone for parts of the weekend too – in amongst everything from frost to rain to snow – and got Charmer out briefly for a little wander on Saturday morning before leaving him happily rolling in the field where he is now shedding the old winter coat at a very fast pace!

Saw our first daffodils open at the side of the road as we hacked along the track, the fields are continuing to dry up more every day, and little Rosie who always takes on a whiter hue in winter (being part Russian winter white) is looking darker and ready for the spring and summer months – a lovely first weekend in March, looking forward to a new season.



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