Settling into the weekend…

The weekend is here again at last and we are so glad to see it here in our little house – driving home last night, working week done and pony already tucked up in his stable, stopped off for Friday night junk food for all the family back home!

After an easy night in, woke this morning to a breezy, warm grey March day, the rats lazing happily in their bed (and Rosie so tucked up couldn’t even grab a photo of her, burrowed deep in her little box happily ensconced in bedding).

Looking out as I waited for the kettle to boil, the sight of garden visitors greeted me: the male blackbird of our usual pair, digging and picking bits and pieces from the grass – maybe a sign that nesting season is once again just around the corner – and also a handsome pheasant settling himself in the garden and looking quite unperturbed as I joined them with my morning coffee.


Back inside, a few treats doled out to the waiting boys and second coffee of the day poured into a travel mug, made my way along to the farm where Charmer was waiting patiently after a night in filling up on hay and rolling around his treat ball, ready for breakfast, a walk and a day out in the field.


Wander done and home once more, I am glad of the peaceful and animal-filled start to the weekend, and looking forward to the rest of it stretching ahead. Have a good one all!

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