Coming across deer on our weekend adventures 

Charmer and I took a long rambling hack on Saturday night, just about 6-7ish as the warmth was cooling and there were a few less flies to bother us along the way – though we are very well practised at quick bursts of trot combined with swishing reins to shake them off! It must have just been the perfect time for the deer from the surrounding woods to be out foraging and looking relaxed in the early evening, because we saw so many at different spots along our usual route. Most were past in an instant and it was just amazing to catch a glimpse of them – on a horse’s back getting so much closer than you ever would on foot – but one or two we were able to stop and watch (both of us, my little pony very fascinated!) for longer times, and they were just wonderful to observe, so delicate in their movements and so peaceful. ❤️

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