Vet trip for Ty, and treat night back home… 

Our little mischief have been on a jaunt to the vets’ tonight as wee Ty had an abscess appear last night which was causing him pain and needed some attention. Poor Shy Ty has probably spent more time in my arms in the last couple of days than he has in the year and a half we’ve had him – he’s a lovely soul but a very timid one and given the choice when out free-ranging at night he will almost always choose a corner on his own or with Harvey. It was a testament to how much he understood though that we were trying to help him that he spent a lot of last night after a little salt bath cuddled on my knee bruxing away. 

Tonight was actually the first time either of the boys have visited the vets, even though their older cagemates Chae and Winnie were frequent patients in their time! Harvey and Ty have generally been much healthier and have never been packed in the carrier before and traveled, so took them both together for company and Harvey was a very kind nurse after Ty had been seen, giving him a spruce up…

The vet was able to take a look at Ty’s abscess, clear it a little and give him some antibiotics – thankfully the banana flavoured Septrin which all the rats I’ve had love, much preferable to attempt to administer than Baytril which by all their accounts so far does not taste as pleasant! She was also lovely enough to have a look at them both and give advice on their size which was great as I have been worrying they’ve been a bit on the round side recently – Ty weighed in at 625g but she was relatively happy with that given his build so really good to get some input – bruiser Harv was ok too but should certainly be allowed to get no bigger so will keep a wee eye on his waistline as always! 

Both boys traveled relatively well for their first time and even called by their biggest big brother on the way home, although they opted to stay in the car rather than join me on the walk down the field for the doling out of fly spray and treats…

Back home, we all had a restful night in, started the medicine which went down just fine and had some pasta and pesto and treat sticks which went down even better.. ❤ 

Little Rose had a new treat stick popped in too – just in case she was starting to feel left out 😉 –  and was making very short work of it as I was settling the boys down for the night…

All at peace once more, so signing off from our rabble. Goodnight all. X

All grown up… Watching our resident swans over the summer 

August is just hours away from drawing to a close, and just been for my usual lunch-time wander around our loch, keeping an eye out as always for the bird families I’ve come to know over this lovely long summer – ducks, coots and swans, all generally to be found gliding across the water or sunbathing on bankings in their usual groups.

Today found the swan family I’ve been keeping an eye on since their nest was being settled into back in May, and was amazed to see how very grown up they look all of a sudden; smooth white patches shining through their grey cygnet fluff. Thought I’d take a moment just to document their journey, amazing to watch, as the summer has rolled on.

… 24th May 2016, the cygnets two days old, the first glimpse I caught of them on the other side of the loch with their mum, making their first tentative forays into swimming…



26th – 27th May – both days spending time in the nest, either huddled together or under a wing… ❤

3rd June 2016, getting braver in their swims and ducking heads under the water, loved to watch their little feet start kicking…



21st July 2016, approx 2 months old and grown so much but still as fluffy as their first days..


… and finally today, 29th August, just over 3 months old and beginning to look not unlike their parents, grey fluff giving way to long white necks just in time for the turn of the month and the new season. Have really enjoyed watching their developments over the last couple of months, and look forward to seeing them taking to the loch with their new white feathers now as it begins to be framed by oranges and reds once more and life moves ever onwards.

Carefresh bedding

Had to share this photo of the set ups after their weekly full clean – looking very (I promise accidentally!) sexist in their distribution – Rosie’s girlie cage now bright pink and the boys’ blue one below! 

Didn’t quite mean to distribute so stereotypically but am in love with this Colours range by Carefresh – have used this brand for years, normally the brown or white or confetti, but really finding the Colours to make cleaning so much easier with any mess so easy to spot, and brighten up pets’ corner too! 

Everyone seems very settled and happy greeting the weekend after their Friday cage tidy, Rose testing her climbing frame and the boys lazing as they do best!

Happy weekend all. X 

“We have had our summer evenings…” 

One of my favourite quotes about Autumn, my most loved time of the year, is this by Humbert Wolfe, which never fails to make me smile –  “Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves; we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves.”

It seems so sum up so perfectly the very moment that the balance tips between the seasons, when the long days of summer have finally given way to the swirling fall into autumn.

In the last few days it seems around these parts that this shift can really be felt hanging in the air, just around the corner. Tonight was a beautiful night at the farm with the pony – sun sliding down the sky at 7.30 ish and hay bales already stacked in the barn heralding the end of the harvest season as we trotted and worked in our circles in the school, enjoying the warm of a summer’s night but struck even as we did by the fading light and the stretch of stubble fields reaching down the hill.

Home again now, darkness having fallen fairly quickly after I got back in, and settled in with a distinctly ember-y Country Living magazine I can’t help but look forward to the season ahead of us as the winds of it begin to spiral our way.

For now, however, we have to take the chance to enjoy as much as we can in these last summer evenings the drawing to a close of a season which has been for me and the pony (the usual sweet itch and fly spray battles apart!) a very good one… 💙🌅