Vet trip for Ty, and treat night back home… 

Our little mischief have been on a jaunt to the vets’ tonight as wee Ty had an abscess appear last night which was causing him pain and needed some attention. Poor Shy Ty has probably spent more time in my arms in the last couple of days than he has in the year and aContinue reading “Vet trip for Ty, and treat night back home… “

All grown up… Watching our resident swans over the summer 

August is just hours away from drawing to a close, and just been for my usual lunch-time wander around our loch, keeping an eye out as always for the bird families I’ve come to know over this lovely long summer – ducks, coots and swans, all generally to be found gliding across the water orContinue reading “All grown up… Watching our resident swans over the summer “

Carefresh bedding

Had to share this photo of the set ups after their weekly full clean – looking very (I promise accidentally!) sexist in their distribution – Rosie’s girlie cage now bright pink and the boys’ blue one below!  Didn’t quite mean to distribute so stereotypically but am in love with this Colours range by Carefresh –Continue reading “Carefresh bedding”

“We have had our summer evenings…” 

One of my favourite quotes about Autumn, my most loved time of the year, is this by Humbert Wolfe, which never fails to make me smile –  “Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves; we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves.” It seems so sum up soContinue reading ““We have had our summer evenings…” “