“We have had our summer evenings…” 

One of my favourite quotes about Autumn, my most loved time of the year, is this by Humbert Wolfe, which never fails to make me smile –  “Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves; we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves.”

It seems so sum up so perfectly the very moment that the balance tips between the seasons, when the long days of summer have finally given way to the swirling fall into autumn.

In the last few days it seems around these parts that this shift can really be felt hanging in the air, just around the corner. Tonight was a beautiful night at the farm with the pony – sun sliding down the sky at 7.30 ish and hay bales already stacked in the barn heralding the end of the harvest season as we trotted and worked in our circles in the school, enjoying the warm of a summer’s night but struck even as we did by the fading light and the stretch of stubble fields reaching down the hill.

Home again now, darkness having fallen fairly quickly after I got back in, and settled in with a distinctly ember-y Country Living magazine I can’t help but look forward to the season ahead of us as the winds of it begin to spiral our way.

For now, however, we have to take the chance to enjoy as much as we can in these last summer evenings the drawing to a close of a season which has been for me and the pony (the usual sweet itch and fly spray battles apart!) a very good one… 💙🌅

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