Vet trip for Ty, and treat night back home… 

Our little mischief have been on a jaunt to the vets’ tonight as wee Ty had an abscess appear last night which was causing him pain and needed some attention. Poor Shy Ty has probably spent more time in my arms in the last couple of days than he has in the year and a half we’ve had him – he’s a lovely soul but a very timid one and given the choice when out free-ranging at night he will almost always choose a corner on his own or with Harvey. It was a testament to how much he understood though that we were trying to help him that he spent a lot of last night after a little salt bath cuddled on my knee bruxing away. 

Tonight was actually the first time either of the boys have visited the vets, even though their older cagemates Chae and Winnie were frequent patients in their time! Harvey and Ty have generally been much healthier and have never been packed in the carrier before and traveled, so took them both together for company and Harvey was a very kind nurse after Ty had been seen, giving him a spruce up…

The vet was able to take a look at Ty’s abscess, clear it a little and give him some antibiotics – thankfully the banana flavoured Septrin which all the rats I’ve had love, much preferable to attempt to administer than Baytril which by all their accounts so far does not taste as pleasant! She was also lovely enough to have a look at them both and give advice on their size which was great as I have been worrying they’ve been a bit on the round side recently – Ty weighed in at 625g but she was relatively happy with that given his build so really good to get some input – bruiser Harv was ok too but should certainly be allowed to get no bigger so will keep a wee eye on his waistline as always! 

Both boys traveled relatively well for their first time and even called by their biggest big brother on the way home, although they opted to stay in the car rather than join me on the walk down the field for the doling out of fly spray and treats…

Back home, we all had a restful night in, started the medicine which went down just fine and had some pasta and pesto and treat sticks which went down even better.. ❤ 

Little Rose had a new treat stick popped in too – just in case she was starting to feel left out 😉 –  and was making very short work of it as I was settling the boys down for the night…

All at peace once more, so signing off from our rabble. Goodnight all. X

4 thoughts on “Vet trip for Ty, and treat night back home… ”

  1. I’m glad everything went so smoothly. : ) You’re so considerate of all your animals’ needs (providing a carrier buddy, making sure Little Rose had a treat stick too <3)!

    "It was a testament to how much he understood though that we were trying to help him that he spent a lot of last night after a little salt bath cuddled on my knee bruxing away" – I love how animals constantly surprise us with how much they actually understand and know. Our heartworm-positive dog had only been with us for a couple of weeks when she reacted /very/ badly to a dose of heartworm meds (ivermectin, you might know it). Before living with us, she was a stray. She spent the night either laying around in pain or vomitting. Not even once did she show any signs of needing to defend herself against us – I believe she knew that we were on her side and trying our best to keep her comfortable.

    (We took her to the vet's asap the next day, and after a round of steroids, she's fine now.)

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