Greeting September with an early morning ride… 

September is upon us once more, and there is already an almost imperceptible change in the air, darker clouds hanging in the sky and yellow tinges on the beech trees – the sun still shining by day but the nights growing steadily longer. This morning dawned cool but dry, with a new-season feel to it, and I was glad to be up early enough to take the pony out for a wandering hack before work, starting the weekend early.

The Autumn months have always been my favourite time of the year and are not just good for me but for Charm too, who gets relief at long last from his sweet itch battle of the summer and was standing at peace halfway down the field when I found him this morning, only idly swishing his tail and looking very content. Despite looking momentarily horrified when I put the saddle over the stable door at the idea of going out riding at such an unearthly hour (when he had been of the sure belief he was being brought in for the sole purpose of having a nice big breakfast) the boy was as game as I was and enjoying the lovely sunrise.

We didn’t go too far, just took it easy and enjoyed the surroundings. Will be interested to see at his next health check how his eyesight is doing, as unless he’s playing me for his own gain and an easier life – a fairly strong possibility knowing him! – he does seem to be having a bit more trouble than usual making out some things, and is a good bit warier of the road ahead especially if there’s a bit of glare from the sun or people coming towards us. Back in December, the vet said he had cateracts forming, but in May another one had a look and said it didn’t look like they would be significant enough to be affecting him, so we will see. For now though either way it’s no problem – we stop to take a look around us if we need to, he takes a little extra coaching now and then and still seems more than happy to be out adventuring.

Clopping back into the yard again, he was delighted to finally enjoy the much-anticipated breakfast and get back out to join his fieldmates once more ❤

A lovely way to start the day, the month and the Autumn/Winter season… Happy Friday and a good weekend all. Xx

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