Happy Halloween from all of us…

A very happy All Hallows Eve from our little corner of the world… The pets have been enjoying it in their favourite ways, with Harvey and Ty having had their own minature equivalent of dooking for apples – fishing for peas and veg! Always a well recieved game, the wee ones had good fun withContinue reading “Happy Halloween from all of us…”

Wisdom from Green Gables: An ode to Anne, a kindred spirit…

I loved so much writing a while back about my favourite pony and animal books from my childhood, and about what an amazing outlet they provided for passions which have defined so many stages of my life. I knew then I would love to write too about some of the other books or series whichContinue reading “Wisdom from Green Gables: An ode to Anne, a kindred spirit…”

In Praise of Pets ❤️

Sometimes, no matter how grateful I am for all the blessings I have, life can be challenging. Some nights, I inevitably arrive home floored by the busyness or worries of the day. I’m not sure I can remember a time, however, that standing here, in the stillness – side by side with my fluffy-necked pony,Continue reading “In Praise of Pets ❤️”

Wrapped-up weekend away ❤️✨🔥

This weekend has been a really lovely one, comprised in equal measure of very brisk weather – with a new whip in the wind there hasn’t been this year so far – and of cosy togetherness and wrapped-up fun.  As Saturday morning dawned, there was a definite chill in the air and the rain wasContinue reading “Wrapped-up weekend away ❤️✨🔥”

The Tale of Pipkin Rat <3

When this time of year comes around and the nights are drawing in once more, my mind inevitably drifts to daydreams about cosy nights in by the fire, the key turning in the lock against a windy night, mugs of hot chocolate, big cosy jumpers – and now, also in that same lovely picture, oftenContinue reading “The Tale of Pipkin Rat <3”

October days… 🍁

This month so far has been a really beautiful one, full of sunshine from dawn until dusk – albeit that becoming a shorter and shorter window as the days go by. Night is descending earlier and earlier each evening, the smell of woodsmoke once again filling our little street as I pull up outside homeContinue reading “October days… 🍁”