Introducing the two newest members of our family, Reuben and Perry… πŸ’™

It’s been a big week in our little house as for the first time in almost two years we added to our little family, bringing home our new rats Reuben and Perry, two boys who are settling in beautifully and who are already deftly showcasing just how special they are.

It’s early days of getting to know them yet, but Reuben, a hooded mink dumbo with the gentlest eyes and nature, and Perry, a top-eared hooded agouti with so much playful energy, seem the loveliest, most engaging boys. They are both 8 months old, and have previously lived in a group of 4, but were looking for a new home now as their owner was moving.

We decided it would be a good time to expand our little mischief because Harvey and Ty are now 22 months, just a bit older than our older pair at the time Chae and Winston were when we introduced H&T as youngsters to them; and we hope to be able to have all four in together with the newbies keeping our boys youthful and on their toes, and Harv & Ty playing the reliable older-rat roles! 

Over the past few days we have mainly just been letting Reuben and Perry acclimatise on their own and spending some time with them ourselves too. Reuben particularly is so incredibly affectionate and a lovely boy to get to know, while Perry is so curious and is making short work of exploring everything around him! 

We have started some very tentative introductions to Harvey and Ty too, just in brief bursts, and although it’s always nerve-wracking introducing rats, especially adult males, all seems to be going ok so far which is great. 

So happy to have welcomed two such lovely new additions into our home – just a few pics of their first couple of days, and will of course write more soon to update on how they’re getting on…

(From clockwise: Reuben coorying in, both having a discussion!, curling up to sleep, Perry’s fixing gaze!)

5 thoughts on “Introducing the two newest members of our family, Reuben and Perry… πŸ’™”

  1. When we introduced our baby boys to the old guys the only one to get hurt was me. I don’t know what my usually friendly Phantom thought I was going to do with his new favourite but he defended him with the worst bite I’ve had. Not a bad bite at all but I haven’t been bitten much in the 25 years we’ve had rats. All settled by day 2. πŸ™‚

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  2. I know its hard to know, we tend to introduce young rats that don’t seem to be a threat but I will certainly pull out a rat that seems to be being bullied, more than I should really. But it’s so hard to see our babies being bullied isn’t it.

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