Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season

Just wanted to wish you all a very peaceful remainder of the Christmas period and all the best for the New Year. The warmth of these holidays and the wrapped-up days of winter-time, Christmas and all other festivals of the season can bring so much joy, and I look forward to them every year. TheyContinue reading “Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season”

Equine therapy is the best therapy.. ❤️

Tonight, after a week not without its difficulties, I found myself alone at the farm as night fell. Just me and the pony, the blazing colours of the sunset and the warm lights of the barns.  There is never any need to articulate to Charmer what it is that is on my mind. It ceasesContinue reading “Equine therapy is the best therapy.. ❤️”

Rat Tales – This week’s adventures with our mischief

Sitting by the Christmas tree as I write this, enjoying some quiet with Harvey in my arms, watching the twinkling lights – but life with the rats has certainly been anything but quiet generally speaking in the last week or so. We have taken up semi-permanent residency in our wonderful vets’ surgery, and could notContinue reading “Rat Tales – This week’s adventures with our mischief”

Happy Advent ✨🕯

It has been a lovely first day of December in our little home, starting with opening an advent calendar for the wee ones first thing (Harvey can’t believe his eyes, below!!). Thought I’d be doling out yoghurt drops to the other three at every morning’s door-opening (in a vain attempt to keep everybody happy atContinue reading “Happy Advent ✨🕯”