In memory of Harvey πŸ’™

This week we sadly lost our handsome boy Harvey at just 23 months old, and we miss him so much already. He was such a big dumpling of a rat, and had come such a long way way with us, as we’d had him since he was only 5 or 6 weeks old. In the last few days have looked back on so many photos and memories over the past two years, and enjoyed rediscovering them.

Harvey and Ty arriving home on 12th Feb 2015, aged 5wks

Baby Harv finding his feet after just a few days with us πŸ’™

April 2015, about 12 weeks old

Getting to grips with life with our older boys, Winston and Chae, and falling in love with his Sputnik πŸ’™

Being shown the ropes by the grown ups..

Cuddling in with all his buddies, especially Ty:

Last year, finding the Christmas tree quite the most exciting thing he’d ever come across..

..and this year getting to see it again in his last few days with us.

Harvey was a lovely part of our home and little family, and won’t be soon forgotten. 

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