Games with the rats ❤🐭

In the last few weeks, have had some wonderful time playing with our little boys. Reuben, Perry and Marley, the troublesome trio, are always always keen for games, and my old man Ty takes a notion for a run around too. 💙 I recently bought the young ones a cat toy on a string, having discovered with two of our other kitten-like youngsters Chae and Winnie just how much fun they could be! Reubes in particular found it lots of fun, and imagine it’s definitely going to become a firm favourite toy – and keeps him more active than the gym does anyway, since I recently found him hogging the exercise wheel, curled up on it fully asleep.. 😴

Marley, meanwhile, is content simply with playing in a sleeve, never tiring of hiding and tunnelling – the bigger the jumper the better. It lets him settle in when he gets tired and be cuddled as close as he possibly can be, combining his favourite things of playing and snuggling! 😍🐭 

Perry has been keeping us thoroughly entertained, not only with his usual bookshelf games – every night when he comes out diving behind the books and waiting there, just his whiskers peeping over, to be “found” – but also on one night we had some chocolates sitting out making some very stealthy dashes from the tub.. although unfortunately as he very trustingly came to sit between the two of us to unwrap them he was really just performing a much appreciated chocolate delivery service! 

My Ty has been a happy lad too, mainly devoting himself to dismanting beds and cushions, as well as stacking his living room den with toilet roll tubes and tissues, his play never changing! ❤ 

The little ones have always got some mischief on the go, and are always looking forward to the next feeding or playing time. 

At a time where the world around us seems so uncertain and unsettling, it is almost impossible sometimes not to become weighed down by it all, and it can be a struggle still to be able to find as much joy in the small things when such momentous changes are taking place around us. And yet that is exactly what we must do, in order to be able to be part of the strength and solidarity needed to stand up together when we need to and to weather whatever comes. For me, the pets are indeed a source of strength and are one of the main reminders in an ever-changing world to look for happiness in little moments, to persevere when necessary and to live fully in the present. ❤

Tonight, we are glad to see Friday night and are all settled in for a weekend at home. Hope you have all had a good week and have a lovely weekend. X

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