Pet Corner Decorating – Cages revamp!

This week decided it was time to shake things up a bit again for Ty, Reuben, Perry and Marley, and so rotated some toys and added some new games into the mix in their cages, which was met with approval by all four of them.

Ty loves a comfy place to cuddle down in, so his enrichment is usually new corners, things to rearrange on his ground floor and new bedding to line his life-long favourite hamster-ball bed – which no alternative however plush has ever come close to in his eyes… ❤ (Suits me just fine as it’s easy to wipe clean, and can be lined with comfier inserts if he needs them!)

One of the best ways to keep the boys busy and give them more bedding to sort is to wrap toilet roll around the cage accessories for them to pull down, a game in itself with an end result they love, and one Marley and Perry at masters at! 

The younger boys are very active, and ropes and climbing frames never go amiss – Perry usually trailblazes the way with all of these, with Marley and Reuben following along, usually a little more cautious. Marley’s eyesight is not excellent due to his very pink eyes (when out free-ranging he can be seen swaying his head from side to side before jumping from one place to another, his whiskers giving him so much more information than his eyes can and helping him out so much, it’s amazing to watch); and Reuben as a result of having had to have his tail partially amputated has a little less balance than the others; but they both take their lead from Per and soon have the hang of it, the three of them love exploring.

They are fond of a comfy bed too, usually choosing to sleep all of them in a pile, so their new tunnel has been happily adopted…

Love to see them all exploring new additions to their environment and to watch their personalities and their natural reactions as they do – our little “Pet Corner” is a perfect place for me to start my days with a coffee, watching them play. 💙

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