Weekend with the boys, big and small 💙

On the cusp of another working week, and the weekend has passed in a blur so quickly as usual. Beginning on Friday with an easy night in the barn with Charmer, brushing out (yet more!) winter coat, taking an amble down the track and reading an old favourite pony book in his company; it was off to a peaceful and lovely start. 

Saturday brought some of the brightest sunshine of the year, and the day stretched out full of blue skies and warmth. 

Yesterday was slightly greyer, but still an nice day for a wander with the biggest boy, ambling along the avenue beneath the farm and finding a perfect little den for us to stop, with a bench for me to admire the view from and plenty of grass to munch for C. 💙

Back in the yard, got him all tucked up for the night and shifted winter rugs up to the loft for another year – not neglecting to give him a quick hello from up in the loft which he frequently forgets is there and then looks aghast to see me at the top of his stable.. 

Back at home, the littlest boys are doing fine, and had time for some play-time out for them… 💙

As another week begins, have enjoyed the break, the sunshine and time with the pets. 💙🐁🐴 Have a great week all. X 

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