Settling the boys into their new home

We have been in our new home for a couple of weeks now and for the most part have got ourselves unpacked and just about settled! It’s been years since we moved and I had forgotten what an upheaval it can be, and how many things there are to get in order. One of the things I always worry about most is the pets, and trying to keep their disruption to a minimum.

We moved the rats in last, after everything else had made the flit and we were ready to spend our first night there; and for the most part I’ve been amazed at how well they’ve settled in. After a first night of looking startled at their new surroundings, they’ve taken everything in their stride and have definitely enjoyed having the security of their cages throughout.  

In the new house, they practically have a bedroom all of their own, in the utility room, which is absolutely perfect for them, with a window out to the back garden for plenty of light and fresh air, a heater too if they need it, and a workbench running across the top of the washing machine and laundry just the perfect length for the two cages to be side by side. They’re just off the hallway across from the kitchen so can have the door open and chat to them plenty when we’re just in but their door can be closed over if there’s visitors which especially Shy Ty will enjoy!

We also have a new pop-up playpen which will definitely come in handy as it can be moved anywhere. So far it’s been in the living room of an evening but can do wee stint anywhere else or even out in the garden, and is a nice way to contain them at playing time while everything is new – it’s definitely going down a treat so far!

Perry has been amusing himself keeping watch out the back window, and was absolutely astonished one morning after I’d just been in their room chattering away to see me appear out the back, rushing from the door to the window wondering where I would pop up next. 

Marley, Reuben and Perry are all approaching the new adventure as just that and enjoying all their exploring; but it was old man Ty I was most worried about. In fact, I was wondering just a few days before we were due to move if he would make it to the new house at all, as at 29 months he had suddenly slowed down a lot all at once. Since getting here though, he seems to have had a new lease of life, and is looking bright every day. 

All the boys got new cosy beds, just to soften the blow of the new surroundings, and he has enjoyed his particularly! 

Just a wee Friday hello from our four furry faces.. 💙

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. X

2 thoughts on “Settling the boys into their new home”

  1. Oh bless them! 💞 Such sweeies 😺 Lovely update, pleased everything went well – have a great weekend xx


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