The beauty all around us…Β 

In the last month or so, we have been blessed with some lovely weather – quite possibly getting the best of our summer weather in late spring, as has happened a few years, but whatever comes next, been lovely to enjoy.  I love to get out walking, clear my head and enjoy the views, whetherContinue reading “The beauty all around us…Β “

Preparing for the next addition to our family… and adapting routines for the rest!Β 

There have been many times in our lives together so far that my husband and I have been preparing for a new member of our little family, or considering adding one. We’ve driven excitedly to collect a new hamster or rats from a rescue centre, counted down to merging our existing pets together when weContinue reading “Preparing for the next addition to our family… and adapting routines for the rest!Β “

When the world is going crazy…Β 

Yesterday started at 3am for me, with a few hours’ sleep caught and my alarm heralding my early start to watch the election results continue to come in. I never quite lose hope when it comes to voting time, in spite of past experience, and continue to care so deeply about the ins and outsContinue reading “When the world is going crazy…Β “

Rat round-up… 🐭🐭🐭

It’s been a hectic month or so for our little mischief, as – as always seems to be the way somehow – a run of easy care and fun since Christmas has been followed by one thing after another with the boys’ health. It’s just a few weeks since we lost our old boy TyContinue reading “Rat round-up… 🐭🐭🐭”

Friday night with the pony πŸ’™

Brought a very sleepy and subdued Charmer in tonight to spend a few hours the cool of the stable, mixing up his current grass-heavy diet with a little hay, and most importantly catching up on his rest.  In these long and lovely days of summer, there’s so much sunshine to be soaked up and grazingContinue reading “Friday night with the pony πŸ’™”