When the world is going crazy… 

Yesterday started at 3am for me, with a few hours’ sleep caught and my alarm heralding my early start to watch the election results continue to come in. I never quite lose hope when it comes to voting time, in spite of past experience, and continue to care so deeply about the ins and outs of democracy and the events of election nights. More than any other in recent years, the night’s unfolding drama did come with flurries of hope and triumph, balanced of course, as ever, by crushing blows. By the time the day had somehow worked itself out in a series of highs and lows, each as unfathomable as the one before, my mind was a whir, as I’m sure so many across the country were. 

The decisions we make together and the way we move forward in the world are so important. And yet, 18 hours in to an as-yet-unclear era, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the change and possibilities. 

As I arrived at the farm it struck me as it often does, with a settling sense of security, that here nothing changes. Regardless of who is Prime Minister and how we debate from here, Charmer needs his fly creams on every day (or his wee ears de-iced and his wet rug changed in winter, just for seasonal variation). 

Standing with him, the huge events of the world around us cease to exist temporarily and it’s just feet checks and his nose nuzzling my pockets for pony nuts for as long as it takes.

Back home too, the little boys simply need medicine, attention, favourite treats and a wee coory in, same as always. 

There’s so many times over the years I’ve enjoyed the steadying consistency of the pets, and last night was no exception. It’s so important to engage with the world around us; but it’s sometimes just as vital to pull back too, and those parts of our lives that consume us so completely we escape all else are of so much worth. When the world is going crazy, I still have my boys to keep me anchored. 💙

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Xx 

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