Reunited with the pony ðŸ’™

Back home again after a lovely holiday away and although it was a wonderful time and a much appreciated break, it’s been great to be back home this weekend – finding our feet in the house again, catching up with family and friends, and – of course! – being reunited with my biggest fluffiest boy. 💙

Always delighted to see these four feet waiting for me and to spend an easy sunny afternoon in and around the barn. The warmest weather brings everyone out to the farm at once for long days stretching into the evening as we get things done with an easy sense of relaxation; slack lead-ropes, sleepy horses and chatter of holidays and shows – this is the eighteenth summer I have spent doing exactly this with my very same boy and I never tire of it. 💙

On the cusp of a new week and a start back at work, I’m glad to have had time away and time at home on our holiday, and hope everyone else has had a good weekend too. X

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