Late summer evenings and fresh starts to the day πŸŒ³πŸ‚

In the last week or so, while we’ve still had (mostly!) warm sunshine through our days, there’s been a subtle change in the air as night falls, earlier and earlier, around us.

The creeping in of darkness as we reach the end of August and into September never ceases to surprise me. Suddenly 8.30pm field checks are done in half-light, the strings of streetlights across the water glinting and dusk already falling as I greet my boy with his usual treats and bits and pieces.

This is a wonderful time for him – the midges finally easing up slightly, the flies kept at bay, and he starts to settle into the coolness again with a relaxed toss of his head, enjoying these days that are not quite the full force of summer anymore but don’t have the new challenges winter brings either. πŸ’œ

At home, the colours around us are shifting, barley fields golden in the morning light and combines working long into the evenings, lit up and rumbling across the skyline, night after night. 

Right across from our house, the sheep are grazing closer than ever and it’s lovely to be able to spend the morning coffee times, out with an extra warm jumper now if it’s right at the break of day, watching and listening to them. 

Before I even get there though, while the kettle begins to boil, it’s good morning from the never-still-enough-for-a-good-photo rabble!

Perry, Jasper and Jet are all getting on fine and all well and truly settled together in their cage and full of fun of an evening when out and about. They love the breakfast routine and are always up and waiting from the first second the door opens to see what what the day will bring.πŸ’™

Hello from all of us and hope you all have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend. X 

1 thought on “Late summer evenings and fresh starts to the day πŸŒ³πŸ‚”

  1. Those ratties – so sweet πŸ’• Beautiful picture of Charmer against the sky…yes, the evenings are drawing in now πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚

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