Hitting our stride with the winter routine ❄️♥️

In the last few days, Charmer and I have adapted to our new winter routine – or the first stage of it at least! Had him in every second night this week, our go-to bridging habit between the relaxed out-24/7 of autumn and the feet lined at the gate every night of the very thickContinue reading “Hitting our stride with the winter routine ❄️♥️”

Weekend fun with the furry babies… ♥️

This weekend has been one gratefully got to after a busy week, and one I’ve enjoyed so much, spending time with family, friends and of course the furry family we’re blessed to have in our lives too. It’s been cold but sunny, thick frosts lingering til mid-day but the sun as high in the skyContinue reading “Weekend fun with the furry babies… ♥️”