2017 Reflections ~ Holed up in the snow

We are in the midst of the usual in-between period between Christmas and new year – that beautifully still time where the days stretch ahead and blur into one another (“Romjul” as I was charmed to learn is its romantic Scandinavian name); a few days of quiet contemplation and true unwinding. Every year I lookContinue reading “2017 Reflections ~ Holed up in the snow”

The Pets of Christmas Past… πŸŽ„

This weekend has been Christmas decorating weekend in our little house; and yesterday we spent a busy but enjoyable day dragging our beloved (if a little lopsided!) potted Christmas tree in from the garden for his annual stint indoors and hanging our lights, stockings and strings of cards and decorations around the rooms – beforeContinue reading “The Pets of Christmas Past… πŸŽ„”

Camper van adventures – the memories we take with us as we trundle on… πŸ’™

This winter, we are preparing to say a last goodbye to our much-loved 26-year-old Bedford Rascal camper van – bought on impulse, on eBay, from a pick-up location 500 miles away, just under half a decade ago. This is, just to be clear, absolutely not the kind of thing it would ever have occurred toContinue reading “Camper van adventures – the memories we take with us as we trundle on… πŸ’™”

Happy Advent β™₯οΈβ„οΈβœ¨πŸ•―

December has arrived at last, tumbled towards through the beauty and transition of autumn and early winter; and is now fully settled in, bringing with it all its usual cosiness and warmth. I love the first morning of advent so much, calendars being opened and the countdown to Christmas truly beginning. Jasper and Jet gotContinue reading “Happy Advent β™₯οΈβ„οΈβœ¨πŸ•―”