Morning amble with my fluffy-necked boy ♥️

Started the day in the best possible way, arriving at the farm at sunrise – coffee flask under my arm and scarf tight round my neck – to greet the morning with my boy.

The horses in our barn had all been in last night, their faces lined up expectantly over the stable doors, clouds of breath meeting the cold air.

Got my mucking out done to the happy sound of C munching his breakfast bucket, and, tacked up, got out to the day.

Just love a quiet wander on my wee pony’s back, just me and him, and it was a beautiful morning as the light gradually filled the sky.

Love this time of year so much, with the leaves crunching under our feet, and enjoyed our wander so much. Charmer seemed to too which was even nicer, a bounce in his step and a little burst of canter up the hill back home. ♥️