Pony diaries – edging into our summer routine ☀️

Thursday night was a big one in my fluffy boy’s calendar and one I look forward to every year – never quite knowing when it’s coming! He spent the night out in his field rather than in his stable, after a long winter of coming in every night – and thoroughly enjoyed it too, both him and his fieldmate having to be coaxed in last night at nine o’clock in the last of the daylight, obviously having adapted very quickly to being outdoor horses once more!

I always like to take the lead from Charmer on when it’s time to make the shift, and the night before when I had brought him in I knew he was ready when he finished his dinner and lined back up at his stable door again, no interest in the cosy straw or pile of hay that he’s been so appreciative of all winter – just keen to get back to the field, where he loves the freedom so much.

Will keep him in every second night at least at the moment while we transition to a summertime routine, so he was in again last night, and got him out for a stretch of his legs this morning before the day began on a beautiful sunny Saturday.

There’s something so energising about this time of year, a curtain of blossom hanging on the trees and daffodils lining the roadside, still the smell of haylage in the air as we pass the horses’ fields – a tug of war between winter and summer going on as we meander along. ♥️

Back out again today to stay overnight again, and grazing happily. Looking forward to the new season ahead!

Have a lovely weekend all. X

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