Changing Seasons 🍁

As we settle into an October that dawned cold and wintry, right on cue, there have been lots of changes in our little corner of the world – and on a rare and much-appreciated Sunday off, I’m so glad to take some time to slow down, match the pace of the season and enjoy a quiet day between the stables and home, making soup, wrapping up and enjoying family time.

It’s so lovely to have time to take stock of everything around us and in the lull I have enjoyed catching up on thoughts and all our recent happenings.

We are entering a new season especially for our little family at the moment, and a very exciting one at that, as we are delighted to be expecting a baby at the beginning of April next year. We are all so looking forward to welcoming our second child and growing our little family. ❤️

Now very glad to be a little less exhausted than I was the first few months, been so enjoying getting out and about in this beautiful time of year for walks and explores with my daughter, gathering leaves and fir cones – and of course with my biggest fluffiest boy, who is doing very well at the moment and enjoying the shift into a more wintry routine.

We have had a few challenges this year trying to stay on top of his arthritis, and I think we may have possibly reached the point of retirement for him, but we will just take it all as it comes as always and, for his part, Charmer is very much enjoying life in the field and all his little routines and is his usual characterful self. ❤️

We have also welcomed another new member of the family, this time small and fluffy, our little Sandy hamster who came home in July and is a truly lovely wee character. He was just 4 months old when we adopted him from a lovely local hamster rescue centre, now around 6 months and he’s settling really well as a lovely family pet. ❤️

Been falling very much by the wayside with blogging the last little while but it’s lovely to write a little catch up and looking forward to reading and writing more autumn adventures very soon.

Have a lovely week all. ❤️🍁 xx


A fond farewell to our mischief ❤️🐀

Much has changed in our little corner of the world over the past few months as life has moved on in all its usual ways. As we move into another new season, and my very favourite at that 🍁❤️, it’s good to find the time to take stock on everything around us and find our feet where we are. There’s been so much going on, lots of it very exciting, and I’m very much looking forward to catching up on it all here very soon; but first of all I wanted to write just a little post in honour of my boys.

At the beginning of the summer, just a few weeks apart, we said our last goodbyes to both Jasper and Jet, our lovely elderly rat boys; and in doing so also closed a chapter nearly a decade long of owning and caring for pet rats.

Jasper and Jet were such lovely characters, and were a wonderful part of our home and family. Having lived with us two years, and reaching an age of around 2y10m each, it was lovely to have been able to have them so long and to have got to know them so well.

Arriving in July 2017, desperately needed companions for our little rat Perry who had been left unexpectedly alone, they could not have fulfilled their role as his buddies any better, giving him such comfort and friendship in his last months, before going on to live with us themselves through two more years of changing times and family life, adjusting to a new normal with the arrival home of our newborn daughter and over time as she grew older being her first wonderfully patient and kind teachers in animal handling and care. ❤️

For me, it’s very strange not to have any rats at home any more, having fallen so in love with them as pets and having had 14 over the last nine years, as well as the 4 in my childhood. Life seemed just a little too hectic at the moment to take on any more right now (though I found I just couldn’t be completely without pets in the house and we do have a new addition in the form of a content little hamster, Sandy, who I will write about very soon!); but I do hope maybe one day we’ll have rats again.

Our little group changed and evolved over the years and from 2010 – 2019 we were blessed to have Smokie, Peatie, Sylvie, Lizzie, Chae, Winston, Pipkin, Harvey, Ty, Reuben, Perry, Marley, Jasper and Jet in our home.

I named this blog when I first started writing about our pets to include the most appropriate group term I’ve ever come across – our “mischief of rats” were truly full of mischief, full of fun, and brought so much love and joy for all the years we had them.