Early February days at the farm πŸ’™

The last few days at the farm with my fluffy boy have held all of February’s long-awaited first glimpses of the season ahead.

As we disentangle from the darkness of January and move into the new month, it is lovely to see so many small changes in the days. The lightening of the afternoons, so gradual until now, seems so much clearer all of a sudden – field walks as late as 5pm in the last of the daylight at last. The wet and wintry days are interspersed with at least the odd slightly drier one, bright sunshine making a welcome change and a feel of energy in the barn as I start to organise and tidy up a few bits and pieces around the stable.

Charmer himself is clearly feeling it too, with the beginnings of his winter coat coming out right on cue as I took his rug off on the second morning of February.

I’m sure he’ll end up hanging on to most of it for a couple of months to come, and just as sure we’ll have some weather curveballs before the winter is through; but lovely nonetheless to see the start of the turn of the tide!

Charmer is doing well, enjoying his field at the moment and keen to come in just for his dinners and a bit of fuss most days, lining his wee feet up right back at the door as soon as his bucket’s empty, ready to go back out and re-join his friends!

On others of course though, in the driving wind and rain, he’s definitely keen for a much-appreciated longer stable stint.

We’re just a few days away now from his stay at the vets’ to have his tooth extracted. Still very nervous about the the whole thing and trying not to think about it too much ahead of time, although this weekend we are letting him have a little practice load in the trailer with my friend at the yard who is kindly going to drive him up next week, so will be lovely to have a chance to settle him a little to the travelling side of things at least!

We are still very much in winter yet, and any evening visits are wrapped-up ones, standing in the darkness of the field shoulder-to-shoulder with my boy, enjoying the chance to see his view on the world.

It’s really lovely though to have had the chance in the ever-lengthening days to get out for some bright, dry leg-stretches and look forward to spring not too far ahead. πŸ’š

Have a lovely week all. X

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