In the clear!

Today started with yet another weekly vet visit for Charmer, which we’ve grown very accustomed to in the last few weeks, checking again the progress of his mouth healing up.

Everything had been moving quite slowly the first couple of weeks, and the jury had stayed out on whether he would require any further intervention. The last couple of weeks though he had been coming on in leaps and bounds; and this morning, finally, after a third very positive check in a row, he was discharged from the regular visits.

I still need to keep an eye of course on the very last stages of healing up, but the vet is happy not to return to check again and happy that a second operation is not needed unless any further issues emerge down the line; which is the most wonderful news for my boy.

Charmer has made a wonderful recovery especially taking into account how complicated his operation ended up and his age; and I am very grateful to our dedicated vets, and just over the moon to see him doing so well. ❤️

Lots of cuddles in the barn this morning and home now cosy with a coffee and still enjoying the relief!

Hope you are all having a good week. X

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