Morning at the farm

Standing at the field gate this morning, waiting for my boy to pick his way up the field towards me – just as he always does, day after day – was the most refreshing and comforting reminder that some things in the world do just keep on going, in spite of everything else going on.

This huge event we’re all living through, one that none of us will ever forget, means nothing at all to the horses. They continue to be driven by their own steady routines, by seeking out grass and water, moving in time with the changes in weather and season, and awaiting their anticipated daily schedules, just like always.

In so many of the less calm periods of my life so far, I’ve taken comfort in the unchanging rhythm of time spent with horses; and this is no different. When I returned to the farm earlier this week after a period of isolation, I could see things had moved on, but in nature’s own way; quite apart from all the well-documented news I’d been following every day. After some sunny days and a break in the rain, the fields had dried up a little; and after a winter of queuing at the gate to get in for a feed, the horses were relaxed and settled, further down the field, enjoying the new grass it had to offer. The pony’s fluff had continued to come out in clouds each day, his summer coat replacing his winter one – just as it does every year.

The natural rhythm of things was continuing, unaffected by events around it and instead moving simply, predictably and steadily with the changing season.

Along the track, rows of daffodils were opening up in vibrant trumpeting yellow. In the fields, grass was growing. And our wisest and steadiest of friends were continuing just to observe that, and to live each of their days as always.

I am incredibly grateful in the midst of our current turmoil to have the anchoring start to each day of just a little time back in an unchanged world – where all that matters is the feed pouring into the bucket, the rhythm of hooves on the concrete coming in and out of the barn, and the knowledge that winter turns into spring, spring into summer; and our world keeps turning. ❤️

Hope you are all keeping safe, and well. x

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