Back in the saddle again 💙

This morning dawned a bright and sunny one, the rain and wind that were headed our way not arriving until a little later than expected. With the weather in my favour – and timings for my littlest daughter’s waking and feeding working out well too – today became the day my boy & I madeContinue reading “Back in the saddle again 💙”

A Highland Adventure with my girl ❤️

I came across this post in my drafts, where it had been since it was written back in February, not having got round to posting it immediately and then with all the last few months’ events it having become pretty much obsolete. Decided today though to give it a post, on a day I’m strugglingContinue reading “A Highland Adventure with my girl ❤️

Happy 24th birthday to my boy… ❤️

Can’t quite believe how quickly the years seem to be rolling by these days – somehow it’s been a full two decades since I first met a skinny, skittish 4-year-old Fell pony, and I find myself now walking side by side with my distinguished grey-muzzled old man, celebrating his 24th birthday. I can never quiteContinue reading “Happy 24th birthday to my boy… ❤️”

May Days 🌸

Life is moving at a very swift pace as we’ve somehow made our way through April and arrived into May. Our youngest daughter has just turned 5 weeks old, and so for us these weeks have been centred around settling into life as a family of four. The first couple were undoubtedly a blur, sleepContinue reading “May Days 🌸”