Happy 24th birthday to my boy… ❤️

Can’t quite believe how quickly the years seem to be rolling by these days – somehow it’s been a full two decades since I first met a skinny, skittish 4-year-old Fell pony, and I find myself now walking side by side with my distinguished grey-muzzled old man, celebrating his 24th birthday.

I can never quite believe how very blessed I’ve been to have had Charmer the length of time I have – when he first became mine I could barely believe it and since then as life has journeyed on I’ve been so very thankful to have him by my side.

His birthday was actually a couple of weeks back (very bad at finding the time to write here in the last few weeks with home life a little whirlwind! ❤️) but enjoyed a wee extra cuddle and treat on my morning visit and looking at some memories over the years too – this is the first photo I have of us together, back in summer 2000, and this one on his birthday this year…

July 2000 & April 2020

Plus a few more of the celebrations over the years too that popped up in my memories..

We have just had news this morning that we can begin to ride again as lockdown measures begin to ease very gently here in Scotland; and once again I’m so conscious of how lucky I am. I gave up riding temporarily during my pregnancies with both my daughters, and both times I was very aware that I could easily not get back to riding a 22-year-old and then 24-year-old arthritic boy. Last summer Charmer was struggling with his legs and was really all-but retired and I felt the year off would be likely to be a natural watershed. This year, however, he has done so so well on his daily anti-inflammatories and is currently as sound – and as enthusiastic about life – as he’s been in years, especially since his operation in February. It’s just a joy to see and I can barely believe it but I can see no reason at all why we can’t get back to our usual ambles again for the time being, while he continues to be doing so well. Back in 2011 I thought retirement was upon us, and in 2014 I almost lost him altogether, so to be here in 2020, with my same old boy, now a best buddy to my little girl as well as me and soon to meet my second daughter is truly wonderful, and I’m very grateful.

A belated happy birthday my partner in crime for all these years. ❤️ This is him just the other day fully embracing lockdown life – it’s not so bad with a sea view!

6 thoughts on “Happy 24th birthday to my boy… ❤️”

  1. I also have a 24 year old. He is a walking/raking horse they I trail ride. He is really starting to show his age. I have started the process of looking for another horse. It is heartbreaking. He has been the perfect horse for me.


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