Back in the saddle again 💙

This morning dawned a bright and sunny one, the rain and wind that were headed our way not arriving until a little later than expected. With the weather in my favour – and timings for my littlest daughter’s waking and feeding working out well too – today became the day my boy & I made our riding return, nine and a half months after our last venture. ❤️

So many of my friends with horses have been enjoying getting back to it this week too after a couple of months off, with the British Horse Society lockdown guidance here having shifted slightly; and our yard owners have provided a hacking route on the farm which gives us a wonderful opportunity to safely get back to exploring with our horses a little again. Today though, Charmer & I didn’t get even that far – it was just an amble around the yard, but a wonderful one.

Charmer did really really well, taking it all in his stride as ever. He was quite keen and interested and didn’t even pin the old ears back when he saw the tack appear, quite something for him! It was the first time he’d been ridden in years without front shoes – having had them removed at the end of last summer – and he did pull to the grass a fair bit to walk on the softer ground, but seemed to do ok; and we can either go back to shoes again if need be or see how he goes – most of our little wanders likely to be grass tracks and fields anyway for the time being.

I really didn’t allow myself to hope when I had already been debating retirement for him last summer and found out I was expecting my daughter, that at the end of this time I would be back on him again; – and it felt absolutely incredible today just to sink into the familiar seat and feel him move off, the same as always.

We’ll be taking life at a slow pace for sure, and likely not venturing too far; but it was wonderful to be back viewing the world through those floppy fluffy ears once more, and most of all to see him enjoying it too. ❤️

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, take care and stay safe x

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