A weekend at home in the snow – embracing “hygge”

The Danish concept of “hygge” roughly translates – according to the lovely article all about it I came across on an appropriately cosy and wintry Friday night in – as “cosiness” if anything, but really so much  more than that. Lacking an English equivalent, it describes this time of year and encompasses all the warmthContinue reading “A weekend at home in the snow – embracing “hygge””

Sheltering from the storm, in our little stable 

When I awoke this morning, it was to the howl of the wind against the window-pane, lashing rain, and a tinny voice from the little radio beside the bed telling incessant tales of travel disruption, storm damage and the anticipated driving snow. Down in the kitchen, making a much-needed warming coffee, chattering to the boysContinue reading “Sheltering from the storm, in our little stable “

Sunday walks 

Enjoyed Sunday the best possible way yesterday, taking ourselves out for breakfast first thing and a long wandering walk afterwards on a light and airy day. Enjoyed seeing whole sections of the undergrowth given over to being nature priority areas, and all around us wildlife-friendly rambling bushes and trees, ducks swimming happily on the waterContinue reading “Sunday walks “

Saturday in the winter sun

This morning dawned bright and sunny for January, in dazzling contrast to the snow we woke to last weekend, beautiful in an entirely different way, and the lingering mists and rains that have dominated most of the month so far. My day started early, with an 8am field stop to bring Charmer in for aContinue reading “Saturday in the winter sun”

Through My Horse’s Ears: My favourite view on life

My little Fell pony Charmer is – and has been for many years now – one of the biggest blessings of my life. Long happy adventuring hacks out with him are some of my favourite memories from both my childhood and my adulthood – just the gentle pace, his steady footfall and his trusting presenceContinue reading “Through My Horse’s Ears: My favourite view on life”

January Mist & Time By The Fire

A day is a good one, nomatter what’s in between, when it begins in the chilly field at 7am with my cosily rugged pony, a pocketful of treats and a flask of coffee, watching the mist hang over the sea, and ends with the boys by the fire on a winters’ night. ❤    Continue reading “January Mist & Time By The Fire”