In the clear!

Today started with yet another weekly vet visit for Charmer, which we’ve grown very accustomed to in the last few weeks, checking again the progress of his mouth healing up. Everything had been moving quite slowly the first couple of weeks, and the jury had stayed out on whether he would require any further intervention.Continue reading “In the clear!”

Saturday Rambles ❤️

Started our weekend off with a lovely wander in some local woods, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, gathering sticks and twigs and admiring the nature surrounding us. A beautiful and sunny “leap day”, this morning felt more like March than February and gave a lovely taste of times to come. Just love these daysContinue reading “Saturday Rambles ❤️

Our vet adventure

It’s just over a week since I had my boy in at the vets for his canine tooth extraction, and very pleased to have it behind us (for now at least!) and to see him back home, settled back to normal life and doing very well. All went very well preparing for taking him upContinue reading “Our vet adventure”

Early February days at the farm 💙

The last few days at the farm with my fluffy boy have held all of February’s long-awaited first glimpses of the season ahead. As we disentangle from the darkness of January and move into the new month, it is lovely to see so many small changes in the days. The lightening of the afternoons, soContinue reading “Early February days at the farm 💙”

2020 Visions ~ A few snapshots from the beginning of our year, and looking to the future…

As we stepped into 2020 earlier this month, it was from a full and busy end to 2019. We had a Christmas period filled with family, friends and festivities; from our daughter’s 2nd birthday to Christmases with both sides of the family, games and merriment interspersed with a few much-appreciated quieter moments – walks underneathContinue reading “2020 Visions ~ A few snapshots from the beginning of our year, and looking to the future…”

Pony diaries – edging into our summer routine ☀️

Thursday night was a big one in my fluffy boy’s calendar and one I look forward to every year – never quite knowing when it’s coming! He spent the night out in his field rather than in his stable, after a long winter of coming in every night – and thoroughly enjoyed it too, bothContinue reading “Pony diaries – edging into our summer routine ☀️”

Morning amble with my fluffy-necked boy ♥️

Started the day in the best possible way, arriving at the farm at sunrise – coffee flask under my arm and scarf tight round my neck – to greet the morning with my boy. The horses in our barn had all been in last night, their faces lined up expectantly over the stable doors, cloudsContinue reading “Morning amble with my fluffy-necked boy ♥️”