November Reading 📚

Good morning all and a very happy Little Christmas Eve / Christmas Eve Eve… ❤️🎄 we are just about ready for Christmas to arrive here and settling down for a few weeks of quieter life again here as lockdown begins again on Boxing Day. Been without a phone I could WordPress on the last fewContinue reading “November Reading 📚”

October Reading Diary 📚

October was a lovely, slow-paced and very autumnal reading month. I spent the first half lost once again in Anne & Gilbert Blythe’s little world, one of my favourite places to be ❤️ Both Anne’s House of Dreams and Anne of Ingleside are cosy and comforting reads full of family, friendships and warmth, and IContinue reading “October Reading Diary 📚”

September Reading Diary 📚🍁☕️❤️

Autumn is upon us once more and that definitely calls for lots of cosy evenings and cosy books – I’ve really enjoyed reading this month, starting with three mysteries in a row all read so quickly at the beginning of the month and then slowing down with two longer books covering the passing of time.Continue reading “September Reading Diary 📚🍁☕️❤️”

August Reading Diary… and a couple of virtual book festival jaunts!

My August reading diary is definitely a map of all the directions my heart has been tugged and pulled in this month – a mix of pony books while I’ve been pouring my evenings into looking after my own star pony; The Unmumsy Mum Diary for a bit of hand-holding company in the midst ofContinue reading “August Reading Diary… and a couple of virtual book festival jaunts!”

The Little Ones’ Books ~ Pt 2 ❤️

I’ve been meaning for a while to write about some more of the favourite books of the young team here in our little house! I have always had such a love for children’s books, some of the favourites from my childhood treasured and re-read over and over; and I’ve loved getting to know some beautifulContinue reading “The Little Ones’ Books ~ Pt 2 ❤️”

July Reading Diary

I’ve so enjoyed reading in July, and, as usual, read quite a variety! I started off with Dorothy Koomson’s The Chocolate Run, picking it up when looking for a light holiday read while we we had a couple of weeks off and were enjoying a nice slow pace of life at the start of theContinue reading “July Reading Diary”

Half Year Book Round-Up

As I come to the half-way point in the year, I’ve so enjoyed so many of the books I’ve read in 2020, and keeping tabs on them here in this blog too; so thought I would take the chance to reflect on everything so far. It has been an eclectic mix, with 28 books readContinue reading “Half Year Book Round-Up”

June Reading 💛📚

My reading in June has been up and down but has ended on a definite high and I’ve read some books I have really enjoyed in the last few weeks. I started at the same keen pace I’ve been reading the last few months with Dawn O’Porter’s Paper Aeroplanes, an easy-to-read and absorbing young adultContinue reading “June Reading 💛📚”

May books

Good Wives – Louisa May Alcott May’s arrival found me still seeking out some pandemic comfort reading, and having re-read the first volume of Little Women back in March in the very first week of lockdown, I’ve now enjoyed reading the second, Good Wives, for the first time. Picking up where I’d left off withContinue reading “May books”