Happy Friday 

The weekend is here at last… Friday takeaway night in is the perfect end to a busy week and is always a hit with the whole family, the boys loving their own rat-sized share of a prawn cracker… 💙 Out in the field my biggest boy is enjoying the cooler weather, grazing without his flyContinue reading “Happy Friday “

Late summer evenings and fresh starts to the day ðŸŒ³ðŸ‚

In the last week or so, while we’ve still had (mostly!) warm sunshine through our days, there’s been a subtle change in the air as night falls, earlier and earlier, around us. The creeping in of darkness as we reach the end of August and into September never ceases to surprise me. Suddenly 8.30pm fieldContinue reading “Late summer evenings and fresh starts to the day ðŸŒ³ðŸ‚”

When the world is going crazy… 

Yesterday started at 3am for me, with a few hours’ sleep caught and my alarm heralding my early start to watch the election results continue to come in. I never quite lose hope when it comes to voting time, in spite of past experience, and continue to care so deeply about the ins and outsContinue reading “When the world is going crazy… “

Little pieces of home â¤

Having recently moved house, for the first time in several years and out of the very first home I shared with my husband, into our second; I have been thinking a lot about home in the last few weeks.  I have always been a big homebody, always loved nothing more than pointing the car homewardsContinue reading “Little pieces of home â¤”