A fond farewell to our mischief β€οΈπŸ€

Much has changed in our little corner of the world over the past few months as life has moved on in all its usual ways. As we move into another new season, and my very favourite at that 🍁❀️, it’s good to find the time to take stock on everything around us and find ourContinue reading “A fond farewell to our mischief β€οΈπŸ€”

A very happy World Rat Day from our little mischief… πŸ­

A big hello from Jasper and Jet and a very happy World Rat Day from us all… Delighted to have a day dedicated to celebrating what super little pets rats are – and our little furry family members have been enjoying a few extra yoghurt drops today! Hope you are all having a good week.Continue reading “A very happy World Rat Day from our little mischief… πŸ­”

Little Grace and the rest ~ In praise of rescue pets

This morning’s “Facebook memory” transported me back to a day I remember so very well, and I felt the same wave of excitement and happiness I did at the time – six years ago today we adopted our very first rescue pet, our beautiful little hamster Grace. I’d grown up with rescued dogs and catsContinue reading “Little Grace and the rest ~ In praise of rescue pets”

Snow games for the rats… β„οΈπŸ­

Decided to bring a little of the outside in for the boys today as we woke once again this morning to fluffy white snow covering the garden. Always on the lookout for ways to make life more interesting for them at the moment, as they don’t get as much free range time just now asContinue reading “Snow games for the rats… β„οΈπŸ­”

Caring for the little ones… saying goodbye to Perry x

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Driving home last night at the end of a long and busy day, there were more thoughts in my head than I had a hope of getting to line up – until, that is, I reached the animals. First, the horse, drawing into the farm on a dark…