Our Pets



Born approx February 2017, Jasper along with his brother Jet is our newest addition. A grey roan dumbo with very dark ruby eyes, he’s an affectionate and gentle member of the family, although still prone to bouts of mischief, and we are really enjoying getting to know him more every day.



Born approx February 2017, our black hooded dumbo Jet arrived with his brother Jasper in July 2017 as new companions for Perry. Always on the go, keeping Per and Jas on their toes, his favourite hobby is sitting behind me on the settee pulling out my hair bauble, and never far out of sight as he’s definitely our trouble-maker of the moment!




No summary of the pets would be complete without the biggest and most demanding of them all, my 21-year-old Fell pony Charmer – a character in every way and, having been with me for 17 years this year, my adventuring partner for so many years. Charmer is full of personality and very cheeky with it, but is so kind and loyal too, has always looked out for me, and couldn’t love him more ❀