Past Pets




Approx Feb 2016 – October 2017, Perry our top-eared agouti hooded rat arrived in November 2016 with his brother Reuben to join our mischief. He was agile, clever and curious, in his younger days always on the go, but was very affectionate too in his older days and keen to cuddle in with his people. Perry lived with his brothers Reuben and Marley until mid-2017 and then enjoyed being given being given a new lease of life as he was kept busy by his new younger cage-mates Jasper and Jet in his last few months.


February 2016 – July 2017. Our almost-white champagne pink-eyed boy came home with us in December 2016 from the same home as Reuben and Perry and lived with them so happily in his life with us. Marley was such an affectionate rat, loved his brothers and his home comforts with them and absolutely adored people, was never far away when there were people to explore. ❤


February 2016 –  July 2017. Our lovely dumbo Reuben came to us in November 2016 with Perry at 8 months old. A real sweetheart, he was happy to cuddle in for any length of time and enjoy a doze with rats or people!


January 2015 –  May 2017, brother to Harvey and arrived with us at 5 weeks in February 2015. Our “Shy Ty”, a fairly tentative soul but always loved an explore round the room, commandeering dens to play in behind furniture and stealing whatever he could from around the room to take to them- and in his old age was fond of a cuddle too… 💙




January 2015 – December 2016. Our Harvey was a bruiser but a gentle giant, loved a cuddle when out and about of an evening and was always the first to explore something new. We had him since he was 5 weeks old, with his brother Ty, and he was a great character.
October 2013 – February 2016 – Winnie (Winston for long), a very cuddly soul, a people rat all his life – although, once he got over initial shyness as a youngster, always an adventurer too. Brother to Chae and to Pipkin and part of a large SSPCA rescue in 2013 – born in the rescue centre as one of many litters from pregnant does who had been inter-breeding and has never had an easy time of it health wise, but loved life with his cagemates Chae, Harvey and Ty and his time out and about.




October 2013 – December 2015. Our ginger boy, Chae was the gentlest boy you could hope to meet, always submissive in his group and always content outside the cage and in, he was a peaceful soul.




October 2013 – October 2015 – Pipkin had a tough start in life but was a wonderfully kind and loving rat, enjoying more than anything any quiet time tucked under a blanket close by his people. ❤



2011 – January 2014. Beautiful dumbo Rex who came to us around a year old with Lizzie. A really lovely girl, very affectionate and a gentle lady all her days.






2011 – August 2013 Our lovely dumbo girl, the first of our rescue rats and when she first arrived very nervous, but a real sweetheart, such a rewarding journey with her. ❤




May 2010 – October 2012 Black hooded. A proper tearaway in her youngest days who made us laugh so much with her antics, stealing all things shiny to bounce off to her cage with, hiding in the tiniest spaces she could, completing circuits of the room in record time, but eventually retiring to a subdued and content old-lady life in her latter days with Sylve and Liz.




May 2010 – May 2012 Silver roan. One of my first pair of rats with her sister Peatie, Smokie was a very affectionate wee soul and a true adventurer, loved the outdoors and to see some sunshine and new sights. ❤



March 2014 – September 2016 – Our little Russian dwarf hamster, Rosie was a joy to look after and a peaceful wee character. She was very friendly and among her greatest loves were her wheel and her tunnel system which she devoted hours to maintaining.

2012 – March 2014 – Darcy only lived with us for six short months, after he’d been looking for a new home later in life, but in that time was a huge character and a wonderful pet, game for anything that involved people and in spite of his age being full of energy and enthusiasm every day we knew him.



November 2011-May 2013 – Grace was the first pet we adopted together and a special hamster in more ways than that. A one-eared rescue who had previously lived in a plastic tub, we drove 4 hours to collect her on Valentines Day 2012 and she was a true sweetheart. An adventurer, a climber, and so friendly, she just loved life and made us smile every day.



Annabelle was my first hamster and was my loyal wee roommate in my last year of university, during a stint back home and in my first flat on my own. She was lots of fun and loved a pootle about. ❤

Rabbit – Simba

Last but absolutely not least – Simba, our silly but lovable lion lop rabbit, a wonderful character and a huge part of our lives and home, June 2009 – August 2014