2021 In Pictures ❤️

Have really enjoyed in the last couple of days looking back at some pictures from this year. Seeing the early ones especially reminded me so much how shut down everything was in the first few months of the year and, even though all the snapshots here were lovely moments, how much I was struggling with it. The thing I’m most grateful for as the year has gone on is more time back with family and friends – and when I look at some of these: getting back to my in-laws to stay after months apart, drinks out with my friends for the first time in so long, I remember the soar of joy. So many returns to things we love for us all and firsts altogether for our littlest – her first birthday, first beach and first soft play all in the highlights. ❤️

There has been lots of change for us all in work, nursery, toddlers.. seasons coming to a close and new ones beginning. There’s more still even on the horizon as I already know as the new year arrives I want to make a change again at work, and for our oldest January is time for decisions on school applications and deferrals, a big topic for us at the moment. In 2022 I can already see us moving on just as in 2021.

We said goodbye to our lovely Sandy hamster this year but also a huge welcome the family to tiny Sparkle; – and of course to Rosie and Theo our little cats too, who’ve been with us six months now and fill the house with happy chaos… And Charmer throughout the year has been enjoying having the whole family running after him as much as ever, turning 25 and even toddling off on a couple of retirement-defying hacks. 🥰

As this year draws to a close it’s a big one we’re looking back on. Can’t wait quite believe it was a just-turned-3 year old and a little 9 month old who couldn’t walk yet (just! She began on day 2 of the year!) who we entered 2021 with this time last year… our 4 year old and creeping up on 2 year old seem so grown in a year.

Looking forward to lots more adventures this year, and wishing you all the very very best for 2022. A very Happy New Year one and all when when it comes. ❤️


✨ Happy New Year ✨

I haven’t written much in the last few weeks, but we have been wrapped up enjoying a lovely Christmas season to bring to an end the tumultuous year that was 2020!

It has been one to remember, and I’m with so many others in looking with hope to 2021 for the chance for more time with our family and friends and a return to some normality and freedom. As we stepped into the new year yesterday however, with a beautiful sunrise walk at the farm; I was very thankful, in spite of the obvious lows of last year, for all the wonderful things it brought us – our littlest member of the family first and foremost, nine months old today; lots of growing and changing of both little ones over the year; and, as we dropped off the fluffiest member of the family at his field gate, I couldn’t quite believe we were lucky enough to still have Charmer so well and healthy after such a rough patch for him earlier in the year.

We’re settling into another lockdown here, and are not quite sure when the new term, always a big part of the turn of the new year, will reach us. Everything is still very uncertain, and we haven’t quite seen the turn of the tide yet – but with vaccines approaching there is a definite ray of hope on the horizon, and I really look forward to moving into 2021 and discovering what it will bring.

A very happy new year to you all. Xxx