Equine therapy is the best therapy.. ❤️

Tonight, after a difficult week, I found myself alone at the farm as night fell. Just me and the pony, the blazing colours of the sunset and the warm lights of the barns. 

There is never any need to articulate to Charmer what it is that is on my mind. It ceases to matter in quite the same way somehow, and shifts into a whole new perspective as we go about our well-practised winter routine.

Taking advantage of the peace of the yard tonight, we spent some time in the floodlit school. Rug off for a breather, Charmer happily rolled until he was covered in sand, shaking himself off with a comical satisfaction. Playing together, with the swish of my leadrope sending him into first his usual beautiful trot and then, with a playful buck, into a head tossing canter; it was so lovely just to watch him and interact with him in the bubble of artificial light as night crept into the world around us. 

Spending time with my boy in such a relaxed and low-key way is one of my favourite things in the world. It’s then I see him be completely himself, whether it’s in the carefree bucks or dozily drooping eyelids or gentle blowing of air from his nostrils as he takes in everything around him. It feels, in the magic of a winter night’s games with him, as though it was yesterday that we were getting to know each other for the very first time, and it’s hard to believe this is the seventeenth winter I’ve spent with him. He is one of the greatest blessings of my life, and it was wonderful tonight to have some real time to enjoy with him, playing like we did in our childhood days. ❤️

Hope everyone is having a lovely and peaceful weekend. X