They Can Talk Comic 

Just a quick happy Friday post from us, and a link to a blog I’ve recently discovered and couldn’t resist sharing… so many of these spot-on cartoons have reminded me so perfectly of the wonderful (if sometimes “characterful”) dogs and cats we have been privileged enough to share our lives with in our family and made laugh so much. 
Have a lovely weekend all! 😘 x


Rat adventures – my oldie getting older and the young ones finding their feet 💙

Life for our little mischief of rats seems to be moving on at the same hurtling pace that time is passing generally, and I can hardly believe it’s nearly two months since Jasper and Jet came to join us. They are fast becoming well-loved and characterful members of the family and settling into their new home.



Perry, Jet and Jasper are a well established little gang these days and are mostly to be found all curled together in their comfiest bed, although at playtime they take the chance to go their seperate ways and get up to their own preferred activities – Perry snuggling straight under a blanket as close to either of us as he can get and settling there for the evening; Jet careering about investigating with an alarming speed exactly how much trouble he can cause on that particular day; and Jasper perching himself on the nearest available shoulder to best observe his brother’s antics – and to be in the perfect position to re-style anyone’s hair he feels might be needing it!

Our Perry has been showing his age lots recently, quite to our surprise as his estimated age is only 18 months. All of a sudden he’s looking very distinguished and grey round his wee muzzle, and has also been really struggling with his back legs in the last couple of weeks, seeming to be showing fairly advanced symptoms of hind leg degeneration.

As we adopted Perry and his brothers from their previous home as adults, there is of course the possibility we’ve begun to wonder about now that their ages when we got them might have been quite a bit out, which could mean we didn’t lose Marley and Reuben as early in life this summer as we believed, and would also explain Per greying and struggling with movement at what seems a relatively young age. We can never know one way or the other, and really it doesn’t matter – the important thing is helping him have the best life he can, and just now he seems to be doing that, just adoring his evening cuddles with us for as long as we’ve time for every night.

We’ve only experienced HLD in rats a couple of times, with Peatie and Sylvie, two of our healthiest and longest living girls, who both made it to around three years old, and in their last months lost the use of their hind legs gradually. They seemed to react to it differently to Perry though, and were both very keen to keep moving regardless of their gait, just completely adapting as the degeneration went on, so we didn’t have to gee them up in any way and they really made the best of it. Perry on the other hand is slowing way down right away and lying down at the moment most of the time, so I am trying to think of inventive ways to keep him busy. Found a great article on HLD here, but if anyone has any tips on how to keep him active and happy as long as possible please share!

I was pleased to see that one of the main ways to do this is give an older rat the company of young active cagemates and Perry certainly has this in abundance with our two mavericks to contend with!  We did speculate at first that the new whiter look could be simply a response to life with Jet as he’s such a horror sometimes I don’t know how he’s not turned us all grey! 😉 But he does his job well keeping Perry on his toes and Jasper provides a bit of a compromise, plenty of cuddles but games and scrambles for food too. They are both really coming out of their shells more and more every day and I’m so glad to see all three of them enjoying life together.



Happy Friday all and have a good weekend. X



Happy Friday 

The weekend is here at last… Friday takeaway night in is the perfect end to a busy week and is always a hit with the whole family, the boys loving their own rat-sized share of a prawn cracker… 💙

Out in the field my biggest boy is enjoying the cooler weather, grazing without his fly rug on as the wind changes the air, and adopting his autumn habit of hanging out in his “den” under his favourite tree at dusk, bridging the gap between summertime outdoors and wintering in with his own little sheltering corner. ❤️

Wishing a lovely weekend to you all. X 


Settling the boys into their new home

We have been in our new home for a couple of weeks now and for the most part have got ourselves unpacked and just about settled! It’s been years since we moved and I had forgotten what an upheaval it can be, and how many things there are to get in order. One of the things I always worry about most is the pets, and trying to keep their disruption to a minimum.

We moved the rats in last, after everything else had made the flit and we were ready to spend our first night there; and for the most part I’ve been amazed at how well they’ve settled in. After a first night of looking startled at their new surroundings, they’ve taken everything in their stride and have definitely enjoyed having the security of their cages throughout.  

In the new house, they practically have a bedroom all of their own, in the utility room, which is absolutely perfect for them, with a window out to the back garden for plenty of light and fresh air, a heater too if they need it, and a workbench running across the top of the washing machine and laundry just the perfect length for the two cages to be side by side. They’re just off the hallway across from the kitchen so can have the door open and chat to them plenty when we’re just in but their door can be closed over if there’s visitors which especially Shy Ty will enjoy!

We also have a new pop-up playpen which will definitely come in handy as it can be moved anywhere. So far it’s been in the living room of an evening but can do wee stint anywhere else or even out in the garden, and is a nice way to contain them at playing time while everything is new – it’s definitely going down a treat so far!

Perry has been amusing himself keeping watch out the back window, and was absolutely astonished one morning after I’d just been in their room chattering away to see me appear out the back, rushing from the door to the window wondering where I would pop up next. 

Marley, Reuben and Perry are all approaching the new adventure as just that and enjoying all their exploring; but it was old man Ty I was most worried about. In fact, I was wondering just a few days before we were due to move if he would make it to the new house at all, as at 29 months he had suddenly slowed down a lot all at once. Since getting here though, he seems to have had a new lease of life, and is looking bright every day. 

All the boys got new cosy beds, just to soften the blow of the new surroundings, and he has enjoyed his particularly! 

Just a wee Friday hello from our four furry faces.. 💙

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. X


Games with the rats ❤🐭

In the last few weeks, have had some wonderful time playing with our little boys. Reuben, Perry and Marley, the troublesome trio, are always always keen for games, and my old man Ty takes a notion for a run around too. 💙 I recently bought the young ones a cat toy on a string, having discovered with two of our other kitten-like youngsters Chae and Winnie just how much fun they could be! Reubes in particular found it lots of fun, and imagine it’s definitely going to become a firm favourite toy – and keeps him more active than the gym does anyway, since I recently found him hogging the exercise wheel, curled up on it fully asleep.. 😴

Marley, meanwhile, is content simply with playing in a sleeve, never tiring of hiding and tunnelling – the bigger the jumper the better. It lets him settle in when he gets tired and be cuddled as close as he possibly can be, combining his favourite things of playing and snuggling! 😍🐭 

Perry has been keeping us thoroughly entertained, not only with his usual bookshelf games – every night when he comes out diving behind the books and waiting there, just his whiskers peeping over, to be “found” – but also on one night we had some chocolates sitting out making some very stealthy dashes from the tub.. although unfortunately as he very trustingly came to sit between the two of us to unwrap them he was really just performing a much appreciated chocolate delivery service! 

My Ty has been a happy lad too, mainly devoting himself to dismanting beds and cushions, as well as stacking his living room den with toilet roll tubes and tissues, his play never changing! ❤ 

The little ones have always got some mischief on the go, and are always looking forward to the next feeding or playing time. 

At a time where the world around us seems so uncertain and unsettling, it is almost impossible sometimes not to become weighed down by it all, and it can be a struggle still to be able to find as much joy in the small things when such momentous changes are taking place around us. And yet that is exactly what we must do, in order to be able to be part of the strength and solidarity needed to stand up together when we need to and to weather whatever comes. For me, the pets are indeed a source of strength and are one of the main reminders in an ever-changing world to look for happiness in little moments, to persevere when necessary and to live fully in the present. ❤

Tonight, we are glad to see Friday night and are all settled in for a weekend at home. Hope you have all had a good week and have a lovely weekend. X