Weekend fun with the furry babies… ♥️

This weekend has been one gratefully got to after a busy week, and one I’ve enjoyed so much, spending time with family, friends and of course the furry family we’re blessed to have in our lives too. It’s been cold but sunny, thick frosts lingering til mid-day but the sun as high in the skyContinue reading “Weekend fun with the furry babies… ♥️”

Happy Halloween from our little corner of the world ✨🔥🎃🌓

A very happy Halloween & Samhain from our little corner of the world, where the nights are moonlit, mornings glistening with first frost (the birds hovering by the doorway at dawn in anticipation of their feeding time) and – clocks turned back and the new time zone settling – winter setting in. I love thisContinue reading “Happy Halloween from our little corner of the world ✨🔥🎃🌓”

Sunday night peace after a lovely weekend 

Enjoying the peace of a Sunday night at home as the most “hyggeligt” of weekends draws to a close – soup on the hob, candles burning and looking forward to putting feet up after a couple of tiring but lovely days in the outdoors, enjoying the very best of October’s charm.  We have been awayContinue reading “Sunday night peace after a lovely weekend “

Happy Friday 

The weekend is here at last… Friday takeaway night in is the perfect end to a busy week and is always a hit with the whole family, the boys loving their own rat-sized share of a prawn cracker… 💙 Out in the field my biggest boy is enjoying the cooler weather, grazing without his flyContinue reading “Happy Friday “

Late summer evenings and fresh starts to the day 🌳🍂

In the last week or so, while we’ve still had (mostly!) warm sunshine through our days, there’s been a subtle change in the air as night falls, earlier and earlier, around us. The creeping in of darkness as we reach the end of August and into September never ceases to surprise me. Suddenly 8.30pm fieldContinue reading “Late summer evenings and fresh starts to the day 🌳🍂”