Pony diaries: Summertime ☀️

We’ve definitely transitioned from spring well and truly into summer here, and all the usual summertime pony adventures have begun, from ragworting to sunny hacking. Despite loving autumn and winter so much, and definitely with horses too (the routine of nights in, wrapped-up hacks, hot chocolates in the barn ❤️); there is something so specialContinue reading “Pony diaries: Summertime ☀️”

Our vet adventure

It’s just over a week since I had my boy in at the vets for his canine tooth extraction, and very pleased to have it behind us (for now at least!) and to see him back home, settled back to normal life and doing very well. All went very well preparing for taking him upContinue reading “Our vet adventure”

Early February days at the farm 💙

The last few days at the farm with my fluffy boy have held all of February’s long-awaited first glimpses of the season ahead. As we disentangle from the darkness of January and move into the new month, it is lovely to see so many small changes in the days. The lightening of the afternoons, soContinue reading “Early February days at the farm 💙”

Pony diaries – edging into our summer routine ☀️

Thursday night was a big one in my fluffy boy’s calendar and one I look forward to every year – never quite knowing when it’s coming! He spent the night out in his field rather than in his stable, after a long winter of coming in every night – and thoroughly enjoyed it too, bothContinue reading “Pony diaries – edging into our summer routine ☀️”

The Ember Days 🍁🌅🍂

“By all these lovely tokens, September days are here, with Summer’s best of weather and Autumn’s best of cheer.” – from Helen Hunt Jackson’s September Every year when this beautiful time of year comes round once more I remember and discover even more how much I love it. The whisper in the air of winter-time,Continue reading “The Ember Days 🍁🌅🍂”

Three-Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 2

“A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world, a sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear. When you take a step back, it’s not just about horses – it’s about love, life and learning.” – Lauren Davis Barker Today’s quote is one I love for its touching on the peaceful and beautiful “sanctuary”Continue reading “Three-Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 2”

Stepping into spring at last! 💛🌾☀️✨

It’s been a while since I wrote on here (it turns out life with a young baby is as busy as it is wonderful, haven’t found much time for scribbling in amongst what has become the everyday rhythm of feeding and changing, pram walks and naps, stories and games.. ♥️). I did have a fewContinue reading “Stepping into spring at last! 💛🌾☀️✨”