The Ember Days πŸπŸŒ…πŸ‚

“By all these lovely tokens, September days are here, with Summer’s best of weather and Autumn’s best of cheer.” – from Helen Hunt Jackson’s September

Every year when this beautiful time of year comes round once more I remember and discover even more how much I love it. The whisper in the air of winter-time, the cosying in of darkness at the end of the days and the freshness of a season of transformation creep in with the golden glow of the early autumn months; and I can never quite express just how glad I am to see them.

In the last weeks, I’ve had some lovely opportunities to enjoy the beginnings and endings of the changing days, bringing the pony in at nights a bit more. In summertime this year my farm trips were often in the light of 8-9pm, sun up late and doing field checks and fly sprays knowing the horses’ day would linger on into the evening long after I left. Now, I’m arriving at that time at dusk and leading Charmer into the bright lights of the barn once more, often leaving him there overnight with a dinner and hay and coming back in the morning to put him back out.

Those early mornings are a time I treasure and love returning to – the quiet of the world at that hour and the promise of a new day just beginning. I love to grab my coffee flask and jacket and step out in the still of morning to find out what the weather brings – on dry days using the time at the farm to head out for a quick wander on my boy’s back (so loving being well back into the swing of riding again) and on rainy mornings sipping my coffee and turning the pages of my book, listening to the contented sound of breakfast disappearing from the bucket.

This week I’ve found myself heading along there even when Charmer’s been out and self-sufficient, enjoying his grazing, just to watch the sun come up and take a bit of time at the farm to start the day – as my little infant alarm clock gets me up anyway ❀️, and as it’s lovely to have the chance to watch sunrises again in the light of day, cuddle close my furry boy and marvel at that winter coat making its way in already. πŸ’›

Hope you have all had a lovely week and have a lovely weekend. Xx


Early mornings with my boy πŸ’™

The last few days have been beautiful here in our little corner of the world: blue skies, rising temperatures and the unmistakable hint of spring in the air from the moment the light begins to filter into the sky.

I’ve managed to make a few early morning trips along to the farm this week to see my biggest boy, just as the day is beginning (all activities are carved round our little daughter’s feeding and sleeping times just now and farm visits have been a juggling act, grabbed wherever possible here and there!). I’ve been so loving the chance to get along there first thing; it’s been amazing just to breathe in the dawn air, muck out with the farm cat purring round my ankles and walk the old boy the long way round to the field, stopping to let him graze at the snowdrop-lined verges as the sun appears above the fields.

Charmer is doing well just now, and although there’s still a good few “transitional” weeks to wrestle through, I’m glad to be most of the way through another winter. At 22 years this year it’s more of a challenge now for him to stay on an even keel weight wise in these dark muddy months; but so far so good, and we even had the first of the winter coat beginning to come out yesterday when I gave him a wee brush – a sure sign the seasons are on the cusp of change!

I love to see the first glimmers of spring arrive into our days; and there’s nothing quite like turning the corner onto the farm track to see the barns, the little church at the foot of the hill and the horses grazing in the fields between, all framed by a pink sky.

Looking forward very much to this next season and all the light it will bring. Hope you are all having a lovely week, and Happy Friday all! 😊