Little pieces of home ❤

Having recently moved house, for the first time in several years and out of the very first home I shared with my husband, into our second; I have been thinking a lot about home in the last few weeks.  I have always been a big homebody, always loved nothing more than pointing the car homewardsContinue reading “Little pieces of home ❤”

Morning coffee in the garden on moving day 

This morning, we pick up the keys for our new house, and start a whole new chapter for our little family.  It’s a step we’re glad to be taking, and one that’s so exciting that I’ve been up since 6am all a jitter; but it’s difficult, nonetheless, to leave behind another chapter which has beenContinue reading “Morning coffee in the garden on moving day “

“Tips on Moving with Your Pets” – reblogged from anchoragealaskaliving

Reblogged from anchoragealaskaliving.. Thought they were some useful tips! “It’s a kind of hassle when moving from one home to another. Usually, grownups are busy supervising everything, stress levels are high. Movers walk in and out with all the valuables through narrow doorways and along tight corners. Children keep on running around, often noisy and/orContinue reading ““Tips on Moving with Your Pets” – reblogged from anchoragealaskaliving”