Little pieces of home ❤

Having recently moved house, for the first time in several years and out of the very first home I shared with my husband, into our second; I have been thinking a lot about home in the last few weeks. 

I have always been a big homebody, always loved nothing more than pointing the car homewards at the end of the day, and felt such a huge joy just turning the key in the lock and exchanging shouted hellos as I come in. 

I’ve also always been a big believer in a house being just that, and a home being the people and the moments and the heart of what you make of it. Still, in the first couple of weeks in our new house I did struggle to detach from our old one, which I had loved with all my heart for all the years we lived in it. 

I knew we were taking with us all the memories we made there, and moving on to make more; and our new house couldn’t have been more suited to us and our life together, and even offered things I’d always dreamed of, like the chance to watch the sun set over the hills and sheep graze outside the window on summer evenings. Still, I panicked that this house wouldn’t feel like “home” the way our tiny tumbling cottage where we took our first steps in our life together had.

Slowly but surely, though, as I always knew it would, the heart of our home has followed us. One of the main turning points, after a week of moving boxes in, building furniture and laying everything out, was bringing our pets along and settling them in their new room. The daily routine of making my way to the pets of a morning to greet them first thing – already adapted from jumping down the two steps into our old kitchen to making my way downstairs and opening the door to the utility room with the same usual shout of good morning – is such a big part of my day and brings so much balance and grounding to it. 

As other parts of our day-to-day life began to take up residence in the new house too – Saturday morning coffees in the garden, Friday night takeaways watching favourite box sets, evening walks before bed, hanging washing out on the line first thing – it began to feel more and more like home. Having friends to visit,  choosing books from the shelves and finding a cleaning routine, day by day we slotted into life here. 

The last few weeks have made me more sure than ever that a home is all the things that matter most. When I look around our house it is the gifts from friends and family that are so special – the sunflower our friends brought over when they came to stay, the painting of our old home our talented neighbour gave us as a wedding present, the letter-opener my dad whittled sitting by the mail – and the frames all round the house filled with photos of people and moments that mean so much. 

“Home” is such a huge part of my life, something I love so much and feel anchored to wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. Making a shift in where it is is a big adjustment, but ultimately doesn’t change it at its very heart – and within just a few weeks, I’m pointing the car at the new location with the same sense of happiness. ❤

Have a lovely weekend all. X 


Morning coffee in the garden on moving day 

This morning, we pick up the keys for our new house, and start a whole new chapter for our little family. 

It’s a step we’re glad to be taking, and one that’s so exciting that I’ve been up since 6am all a jitter; but it’s difficult, nonetheless, to leave behind another chapter which has been so wonderful.

Just sitting this morning alone on the decking in our back garden, watching the sun creep up the sky behind the trees – glinting between them, light splaying out in bursts wherever it find gaps. Overhead, seagulls, crows and geese circle and pass; pheasants calling their usual panicked squawk in the woods; and in the garden here the sparrows and blue tits are coming to life, vying for the best spots in the bushes and fluttering from tree to tree. 

It’s so peaceful here at the very break of day, and I have loved it for over six years, and will always remember it so fondly. I do hold out hope there’ll be the odd garden bird to visit us in the new house too, and no doubt a whole world there I’ll be so sorry to leave several years down the line. 

For now though, this morning, before all the excitement begins, taking some time to enjoy our little house in its little garden, village and countryside, that I have loved so very much. 


“Tips on Moving with Your Pets” – reblogged from anchoragealaskaliving

Reblogged from anchoragealaskaliving.. Thought they were some useful tips!

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