Holidays are here… 

Holidays are here in our house, and three sleepy faces are enjoying a Saturday long lie in the sun before we all head off for a few days away!  This is the first time we’ve ever taken the boys on holiday with us, but heading to cottage not too far away and both Reuben andContinue reading “Holidays are here… “

The beauty all around us… 

In the last month or so, we have been blessed with some lovely weather – quite possibly getting the best of our summer weather in late spring, as has happened a few years, but whatever comes next, been lovely to enjoy.  I love to get out walking, clear my head and enjoy the views, whetherContinue reading “The beauty all around us… “

Friday night with the pony 💙

Brought a very sleepy and subdued Charmer in tonight to spend a few hours the cool of the stable, mixing up his current grass-heavy diet with a little hay, and most importantly catching up on his rest.  In these long and lovely days of summer, there’s so much sunshine to be soaked up and grazingContinue reading “Friday night with the pony 💙”

Summer nights with the pony ☀️

We are well and truly back on the summertime schedules and routines at the farm, and, as every year, it’s amazing to settle into. I absolutely love coming up to the farm and seeing, instead of four fluffy feet queued up eagerly at the field gate; the boy, looking bright bay in his light summerContinue reading “Summer nights with the pony ☀️”

Birds and Bees

Over the summer we have really enjoyed watching the winged visitors to our garden, loving the bees gathering in our thoroughly overgrown flower bed (giving us the perfect excuse to bother with no gardening at all!), and especially enjoying the honey bees who moved into our little bee house to recharge at nights. The lastContinue reading “Birds and Bees”

All grown up… Watching our resident swans over the summer 

August is just hours away from drawing to a close, and just been for my usual lunch-time wander around our loch, keeping an eye out as always for the bird families I’ve come to know over this lovely long summer – ducks, coots and swans, all generally to be found gliding across the water orContinue reading “All grown up… Watching our resident swans over the summer “

“We have had our summer evenings…” 

One of my favourite quotes about Autumn, my most loved time of the year, is this by Humbert Wolfe, which never fails to make me smile –  “Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves; we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves.” It seems so sum up soContinue reading ““We have had our summer evenings…” “

Blossom, ducklings and getting back to summer routines – Hello May! 

It’s hard to believe we are already over half-way through May already and hurtling towards half-way through 2016 – but with the weather finally holding, heat in the air from first thing and the skies blue more days than not, summer is pretty much here; and has brought with it all its usual beauty andContinue reading “Blossom, ducklings and getting back to summer routines – Hello May! “